My Top 7 Posts of 2017 #LCInnovation

As the year comes to an end and I reflect on 2017,  I am so grateful to have been welcomed into many classrooms, schools, and districts. I have learned so much as I have worked with diverse educators around the country as I have seen the struggles, celebrated the successes, and marveled at the innovative approaches that are being put into practice every day by amazing educators to meet the needs of the learners they serve within the systems that they live and work.

Through so many interactions (online and in person) I have valued connecting with thoughtful and caring educators who have pushed and shaped my thinking. I have been inspired by reading so many blogs and books, connecting at conferences, and I have loved the sharing and connectedness of the #IMMOOC community. It’s always fun (and busy) to co-host the IMMOOC seasons with George Couros and of course, the Twitter chats (thanks, Tara & Annick), take crazy to a new level.

Looking back and reflecting on this year is especially important to me as I get ready to publish my first book, Learner Centered Innovation with IMPress, a subsidiary publishing company of DBC, Inc— (It’s still surreal even as I write this).  I have shared many of my initial ideas and thoughts on this blog, which have developed over time and are shared into the book. Thanks to all of you who have encouraged me, read my blog, shared, and commented along this journey. Stay connected for updates with #LCInnovation.

I am so excited to share the book with you all in early 2018. Until then, here are my top 7 posts in 2017 that will give you a glimpse into what I have learned, what I am still wondering about, and pieces of what will be in the book.

I was going to only do 5 but 6 & 7 are two of my personal favorites so I had to share them too:).

Top 7 Posts of 2017


10 Characteristics of Learner Centered Experiences  


Why Are We Still Assigning Homework? #IMMOOC


Why Believing in Your Students Matters


What does your ideal classroom look like?


5 Collaborative Practices that Impact Learning


Rethinking the Lesson Plan


Why We Should Stop Asking Kids What They Want To Be When They Grow Up

 I look forward to 2018 and continuing to learn with and from all of you.


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