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Top 5 Strengths: Woo, Relator, Activator, Positivity, Communication

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I am the Director of District Leadership for the Buck Institute for Education (BIE). I work with districts and school systems to create the conditions that support high-quality project-based learning and deeper learning for all students. I have served as middle school English language, literacy coach, new teacher mentor and coordinator of district programs and enjoys teaching graduate classes in diverse teacher education programs. At the university, district and school level Katie aspires to create experiences that empower all learners to develop knowledge, skills, and mindsets to thrive in a changing world.

As a leader, teacher, and speaker, my experience in research and practice continue to guide my belief that if we want to change how students learn, we must change how educators learn. My first book, Learner-Centered Innovation; Creating Experiences that Spark Curiosity, Ignite Passion, and Unleash Genius will be available December 2017. As a mom, I want my kids to have experiences in school that build on their strengths and interests to empower them to find their place in the world and as an educator, I am passionate about making sure we do the same for all kids.

You can connect with me on Twitter @KatieMartinEdu or contact me at 31katie@gmail.com


*Extensive experience teaching, mentoring, and researching with an in-depth knowledge of teacher professional development in schools with diverse populations

*Accomplished educator who is a confident public speaker, able to establish rapport with audiences and key officials to convey information with clarity and enthusiasm.

  • Expertise in educational technology, program development, participatory research, new teacher induction, school reform, and facilitating collaborative learning


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Curriculum and Instruction, December 2011, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, Honolulu, Hawai‘i
  • Dissertation: New teacher induction: A case study of teachers’ perceptions of support in the first year
  • Master of Education- Curriculum Studies with a Literacy and Middle-Level Emphasis, 2006, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, Honolulu, Hawai‘i
  • Middle-Level Teacher Credential Program-2003, California State University San Marcos
  • Bachelor of Arts, Major: Liberal Studies, Emphasis on Human Development, Minor: Spanish, California State University San Marcos, December 2001


  • California Clear Credential-Multiple Subject K-8 with supplementary authorizations in English language arts and social studies
  • Hawai‘i State Teaching License; K-8 General and 5-9 English language arts
  • Certificate in Disability Studies, Teaching all Children Together, Jan 2004- Aug 2005. Center for Disability Studies, University of Hawaii at Mānoa

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  1. HI Katie
    I love your blog on rethinking the lesson plan and I publish a magazine in New Zealand called Teacher Matter – it goes to teachers in both NZ and Australia and is full of practical articles and ideas for teachers – both professionally and personally. You can see the online version here http://teachersmattermagazine.co.nz/ – and I am happy to email you a copy of the 76 page magazine so you can see the quality and professionalism.
    I would love to reproduce your article in our magazine please. My email is karen@spectrumeducation.com. Please let me know your contact details and I will send me information

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