3 Characteristics of Authentic Leadership that Inspires Innovation

Although it is impossible to think that one could or should have all the answers, too many of us often feel inadequate when we don’t. It is hard to get away from the idea that the teacher, principal, superintendent or whoever is “in charge” should be the expert and have all the answers. This was […]

Are You Designing Systems for People to Comply or Innovate?

In Creative Confidence, Tom and David Kelly highlight that despite the expertise and history of success at Kodak, the company suffered from the knowing-doing gap, which prevented them from making the transition from what they had always done, to successfully navigating the shift toward the future of the industry. From their work with the leaders […]

The Impact of Leadership on the Change in Learning and Teaching

The extent to which leaders create the culture for learning and innovation in their schools often results in diverse approaches to teaching and learning. Foundational to this is the notion that is highlighted in the the new Future Ready Leaders Guide by EdSurge: Becoming a “Future-Ready School” does not mean replacing existing curriculum and instructional practices […]

Is Innovation in Education Necessary?

Innovation as George Couros defines it in the Innovator’s Mindset is a way of thinking that creates something new and better. So why is innovation necessary in education? There is wide agreement that we need to rethink the outdated factory model of education to meet the needs of all learners in our schools. Increasing access to […]

The #InnovatorsMindset MOOC Starting Soon! #IMMOOC

I love hearing how educators are shifting their thinking about learning, teaching, and leading as they read The Innovator’s Mindset.  It is amazing to see what happens when educators connect about ideas in the book build on these ideas to impact those in diverse communities around the world.   For this reason I am excited to facilitate the Innovator’s […]

6 Questions to Align Your Vision, Policies, and Practices

Establishing a shared vision amongst diverse stakeholders is critical when trying to implement wide-scale change. Cultivating a shared vision requires “practices aimed at identifying new opportunities for the school, and developing, articulating, and inspiring others with a vision of the future” (Ng, 2008, p. 5). When systems struggle to meet desired goals, it is often a result of […]

Who’s Leading the Leaders?

This week I spent a great deal of time with various leaders trying to understand their roles. I was taken back by these leaders who are so passionate about their work and have a great deal of experience and expertise, yet they shared feelings of inadequacy in meeting the needs of those they serve. These leaders, […]

Culture is Everything in Schools

I read this article recently, Workplace Culture is Everything: 20 Ideas For Building a Thriving Team. In the article the author describes two scenarios of workplace culture–one where workers are stressed and burned out and another where workers are empowered and inspired to create and grow. I love this description of a powerful culture: There is nothing more invigorating […]

Moving from What is to What if?

I was inspired by the questions and decided to join the #OSSEMOOC blog hop this week as they discuss the The Innovator’s Mindset.  In the book, George Couros shares a process for creating a vision to dream big and figure out what is important.  I love the “What If” questions to push thinking and move beyond what […]

If You Struggle With the Implementation, Revisit the Why

I rarely meet teachers that are against doing what’s right for their students.  Typically, when teachers are resistant, their experiences, beliefs and expertise are not aligned  with (or there is a lack of understanding of) the desired changes in teaching and learning. This happens a lot when districts focus on “digital transformations” or other technology focused […]