A Lifetime of Learning #IMMOOC

I have been impressed with the amount of teachers and administrators that have been blogging and many for the first time ever in the #IMMOOC.  As I read so many posts and see what people are sharing about the process and how they are learning, I have also been struck by participants reflecting on both the difficulty and the power of writing and sharing. Carrian Cook actually commented in the Facebook group about this:

“I have never blogged before and this has given me an opportunity to reflect on what I am reading each week. It has also helped me relate to my students who can’t think about anything to write about.” It has been good for me to put my thoughts down to really internalize what’s going on in my head.”

I loved here openness and connection to her students. By engaging in a new learning experience, she is able to empathize and gained a different perspective on the challenges that students face when writing. Think of how powerful that can be for students to hear that their teachers also struggle to write and are anxious to share what they are learning.

When we engage as learners to better understand the process and the opportunities that exist, we often create better learning experiences for others. If we really want to move people forward we have to be willing to be learners alongside them too.

How do you model and share your learning process to help everyone move forward?

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2 thoughts on “A Lifetime of Learning #IMMOOC

  1. Starting a blog was all kinds of new learning! The technical side of building it, then the writing factor. I’m so glad I jumped in this year and even happier to have such an awesome group of IMMOOCers to learn from and share with! Thank you Katie for leading the way.


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