First Drafts Always Suck #IMMOOC

First drafts always suck.- Ed Catmull I have been reading Creativity, Inc by Ed Catmull and this line has been stuck in my head.  It has resonated with me because I think this is exactly opposite of how we often expect learners to perform and to be perfect too often in school.  Also, we don’t […]

Moving from Consuming to Innovating #IMMOOC

There is a common saying in education lately that we need kids to create not consume. I definitely want to see learners creating and not just consuming (or regurgitating facts). But as I read the book Empower by AJ Juiliani and John Spencer the section on critical consuming really pushed my thinking about the importance […]

There is not one right way #IMMOOC

Why is Innovation in Education Necessary? The conversation with George Couros and  Jo Boaler in the IMMOOC live session has had me thinking a lot about how we use research in education and the impact (or not) on how we innovate and improve.  As we talked about mindset, brain plasticity, making mistakes, the problem with homework, facing critics […]

Making the Most Out of the #IMMOOC Experience

Educators are busy with life and work and there is no doubt our plates are full, but when we find our tribe and connect with others to engage, learn, and grow we can be filled with a sense of “wholeheartedness.” Communities of practices have the power to renew us with purpose, passion, and rejuvenate us […]

Developing Academic Mindsets that Foster Growth, Development, and Innovation

Why do some students willingly engage in academic tasks? What makes learners persist in challenging tasks?  What compels learners to want to learn more and improve?  These questions are top of mind for researchers and practitioners alike and together we continue the quest to support all learners to see their value and the promise of […]

5 Characteristics of a Culture that Values Growth and Development

I’ll never forget getting a call from 2 team members after they had led an all day workshop. I had barely answered the phone and they were telling me everything that they perceived “went wrong” and how disappointed they were with different aspects of the day. I listened and commiserated (because I have definitely had […]

The Power of Blogging for Professional Development #IMMOOC

We are taking part in the Innovator’s Mindset #IMMOOC Collaborative blog challenge.  This post is co-written by Annick Rauch and Katie Martin. If we told you that blogging could be one of the most powerful tools for professional development, would you believe us? I (Katie) started blogging after a less than gentle nudge from George […]

Support Looks Different for Different People #IMMOOC

Many of us have heard and often live by the Golden Rule: Treat other as you want to be treated.  This is the basis of how we often expect others to interact and what it means to treat one another with respect. This was a rule in almost every classroom or sport I was in […]

What’s Holding You Back? #IMMOOC

“The secret killer of innovation is shame. You can’t measure it, but it’s there. Every time someone holds back on a new idea, fails to give their manager much needed feedback, and is afraid to speak up in front of a client, you can be sure shame played a part.  The deep fear we all […]

Join us for the Innovator’s Mindset MOOC Starting on 2/27 #IMMOOC

How do you move from “pockets of innovation” to a “culture of innovation”? How do we start to innovate inside of the box? What does innovation mean for education, and should every educator be an innovator? These are questions that George Couros addresses in his book, “The Innovator’s Mindset”, and will continue to dig deeper […]