To Inspire Change, Make Learning Public

I sat with a group of teachers recently who were frustrated and couldn’t see how the projects and examples that we were looking at would work in their classrooms. No matter how much we talked about possibilities and brainstormed ideas, they weren’t resonating.  Seeing examples of other teachers‘ projects and all the “perfect” products that […]

Is Innovation in Education Necessary?

Innovation as George Couros defines it in the Innovator’s Mindset is a way of thinking that creates something new and better. So why is innovation necessary in education? There is wide agreement that we need to rethink the outdated factory model of education to meet the needs of all learners in our schools. Increasing access to […]

Teachers Create What They Experience

Recently I had an opportunity to give a TEDx talk: Teachers Create What They Experience where I shared what I have learned in partnership with some innovative leaders. I have seen some major shifts on how students are learning in schools and  I have found 3 critical factors that help create a culture of learning […]

The #InnovatorsMindsetMOOC (September 2016)

If you have have been wanting to read or reread The Innovator’s Mindset by George Couros, now is the time! I will be helping to facilitate this MOOC with George beginning in September.  It is a great opportunity to engage with people both locally and globally to learn, share, reflect and most importantly make an […]

Culture is Everything in Schools

I read this article recently, Workplace Culture is Everything: 20 Ideas For Building a Thriving Team. In the article the author describes two scenarios of workplace culture–one where workers are stressed and burned out and another where workers are empowered and inspired to create and grow. I love this description of a powerful culture: There is nothing more invigorating […]

Prioritizing Deeper Professional Learning

David Price, in his book Open, describes how this access has created a  “messy and at times chaotic phenomenon… It has changed how we live and learn, socially. If we fully understand and grasp its potential, we can be more fully engaged and fulfilled in our work and studies, and better able to adapt to […]

Purposeful Professional Learning (Professional Learning That Shifts Practice- Part 1)

As our society evolves and schools work to meet the needs of learners, educators need to develop new skills, knowledge, and mindsets.  Working with teachers across diverse has given me insight into how they want to learn and what they want out of their professional learning opportunities. This series will feature a more in depth look […]

They Want to Change the World So Let’s Help Them Learn How

Recently I have read a lot of articles from the perspectives of “millennials” from how they use social media, how they are lost in school and how they interact but what strikes me is the themes of social justice and empathy that are present across these different articles. In one article Tyler Hoff, a millennial, argues that the middle class lifestyle he […]

Putting An End To the Blame Game

  It’s easy to place blame on others when something doesn’t go the way that you expect. Think about how many times you may have heard or  even said yourself something along the lines of “If only they would have…” Chances are you have heard of felt the frustration of many teachers that, “If they would […]

If You Struggle With the Implementation, Revisit the Why

I rarely meet teachers that are against doing what’s right for their students.  Typically, when teachers are resistant, their experiences, beliefs and expertise are not aligned  with (or there is a lack of understanding of) the desired changes in teaching and learning. This happens a lot when districts focus on “digital transformations” or other technology focused […]