If you want to see change, stop telling and involve others in the process

All soccer season, I sat on the sidelines cheering on my kids and I would find myself telling (ok, maybe yelling) “kick the ball!” or  “go to the ball!”  From the sidelines, it seemed so obvious and simple, yet they weren’t doing it. It seemed like they were tired or didn’t care… Towards the end […]

Breaking the Cycle

It took me a while to recognize this dangerous cycle that existed in my school but it became so clear one day when I walked through all 8 of our language arts classrooms– every single teacher was playing a book on tape or reading aloud to students.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love a good read […]

Harnessing the Power of Teacher Leaders

When administrators and teachers  work together, everyone wins, especially students.  Collaboration between administrators and teachers can help everyone learn, implement, refine and share ideas that improve learning for adults and students. Teacher leaders can serve as linchpins that move systems and structures to a culture of learning that empowers teachers to make the most impact in their […]