Professional Learning That Inspires Change

I shared this article recently, 5 Reasons Professional Development is NOT Transforming Learning.  Not surprisingly, it resonated with many people. So, if your professional development isn’t working. Try this… Cultivate a Shared Vision Creating a graduate profile with clear outcomes that the community values is a great way to anchor conversations about teaching and learning […]

To Inspire Change, Make Learning Public

I sat with a group of teachers recently who were frustrated and couldn’t see how the projects and examples that we were looking at would work in their classrooms. No matter how much we talked about possibilities and brainstormed ideas, they weren’t resonating.  Seeing examples of other teachers‘ projects and all the “perfect” products that […]

3 Myths About Personalized Professional Learning

In response to why professional learning isn’t working, I hear this a lot, “Everyone is in different places.” Yup. They always have been and they always will be. Thankfully, there is an increased recognition of this truth in education along with an effort to create more purpose and autonomy in schools through personalized learning.  This […]

Are We Getting Better at the Wrong Things?

Linda Darling Hammond and her colleagues have done extensive research on professional learning and added a tremendous amount to the field of education.  I have grounded much of my work in her research, so it is with a great deal of respect and admiration that I push on how some these best practices translate to […]

Creating a Learning Orientation Versus a Performance Orientation

Professional development gets its fair share of criticism- sometimes it’s because the activities and the strategies don’t connect with the teacher’s classroom or context. Sometimes it’s because it’s adding more rather than helping teachers do what they need to do in their classroom better. But to be fair, there are also times that teachers love […]

Learning by Doing

“Knowledge that is actually implemented is much more likely to be acquired from learning by doing than from learning by reading, listening, or even thinking.”  –Pfeiffer & Sutton.  Making shifts in how we learn, teach, and lead in education requires that we move beyond telling educators about theory and best practices (or even giving them […]

The Power of Blogging for Professional Development #IMMOOC

We are taking part in the Innovator’s Mindset #IMMOOC Collaborative blog challenge.  This post is co-written by Annick Rauch and Katie Martin. If we told you that blogging could be one of the most powerful tools for professional development, would you believe us? I (Katie) started blogging after a less than gentle nudge from George […]

Want to know how to improve professional learning? Ask a teacher. #IMMOOC

I am taking part in the #IMMOOC “3 Blog Challenge” this week- 3 blog posts (ideally) under 200 words.  If you are interested in participating, details can be found here. I came across the #BFC530 chat yesterday and was intrigued by the perspectives and suggestions to improve professional learning.  Here are a few examples:   If […]

Content Does Not Change Behavior

I was recently invited to the d.School (bucket list…check) with some amazing educators and friends and we were tasked with creating a “hack”—  a quick fix for helping teachers learn and change their practice.  As we went through the Design Thinking phases of empathizing, defining, ideating, and prototyping we generated a variety of different ideas.  Our prototype was a […]

5 Practices that Promote Sharing and Open Classroom Doors

It’s not uncommon to have teachers who teach next to one another for years yet have never seen each other teach.  When this happens, many assumptions about what is working and what is not working get made. This culture can not only maintain some ineffective practices but prevents great practices from spreading and impacting the […]