What If?

It’s amazing how two very small words can make a big impact on our world and have done so throughout history. What if I say I am not sitting at the back of the bus? What if I create Hogwarts, a fictional land where young wizards learn and practice magic? What if we can send […]

Learner-Centered Innovation

I am thrilled to announce that my book, Learner-Centered Innovation: Spark Curiosity, Ignite Passion and Unleash Genius is officially out! I am so grateful for the support, encouragement, and excitement about this day from so many of you.  Here is an excerpt from the back cover: What if education could be better—for students and for educators? […]

3 Ways to Make the Writing Process More Authentic

In an article, “Why Kids Can’t Write” published in the New York Times, a study of almost 500 teachers of 3rd- 8th grade by Gary Troia of Michigan State University and Steve Graham of Arizona State University, uncovered the lack of preparation of teachers to teach writing and as a result, only 55 percent of […]

Making the Most Out of the #IMMOOC Experience

Educators are busy with life and work and there is no doubt our plates are full, but when we find our tribe and connect with others to engage, learn, and grow we can be filled with a sense of “wholeheartedness.” Communities of practices have the power to renew us with purpose, passion, and rejuvenate us […]

Developing Creative Confidence

For too long we have upheld the myth that there are those who are creative and those who aren’t.  Contrary to this theory, David and Tom Kelley advocate that creativity is not reserved for the few but that the capacity for being creative lies within all of us.  In their book, Creative Confidence, they share […]

What’s the Value of Your Network?

“Ideas are in fact manifestations of a complex network of neurons firing in the brain and new ideas are only possible when new connections are formed.” – Steven Johnson New ideas and connections are the basis for creativity and innovation.  If we want to continue to evolve and create schools that meet the needs of […]

Being Mentored

I am about to finish up my first year as the Director of our Professional Learning team. This has been a big shift from being a leader in an organization to a leader who now has supervisory duties and gets referred to as the boss. I have learned a lot this year and it’s been […]

Embracing Open Learning

Throughout my career, teaching kids and adults in diverse districts and courses, I have lived in between higher ed and K-12.  In higher ed there is a mantra to publish or perish, and throughout grad school, I had adopted this philosophy. I thought I had to publish in traditional journals to accomplish anything. Following in the foot steps of […]

Prioritizing Play

Recently I had a series of experiences that that left an impact on me because of the connections I made with others.  When I reflected, the common denominator was that each of these experiences began with play! The kick off for all these interactions was a team development day and, as always, there was so much to […]

Job-Embedded Professional Learning

As the tools, resources and goals in education are changing, the roles of teachers and leaders must too.  In an effort to do this, there has been a lot of focus on redefining professional development to better meet the needs of teachers and leaders.  I am all for this conversation and have written about it here […]