Student Engagement: Are we focused on short-term results or long-term impact?

Student engagement is paramount in education. If students aren’t engaged, they won’t invest in the content, attain mastery, and ultimately apply what they are learning, right? Just as educators are focused on engaging students, in order to boost employee engagement, there is an increased focus on making workplace fun. Many employers have added ping pong […]

What If?

It’s amazing how two very small words can make a big impact on our world and have done so throughout history. What if I say I am not sitting at the back of the bus? What if I create Hogwarts, a fictional land where young wizards learn and practice magic? What if we can send […]

Learner-Centered Innovation

I am thrilled to announce that my book, Learner-Centered Innovation: Spark Curiosity, Ignite Passion and Unleash Genius is officially out! I am so grateful for the support, encouragement, and excitement about this day from so many of you.  Here is an excerpt from the back cover: What if education could be better—for students and for educators? […]

If you want to see change, stop telling and involve others in the process

All soccer season, I sat on the sidelines cheering on my kids and I would find myself telling (ok, maybe yelling) “kick the ball!” or  “go to the ball!”  From the sidelines, it seemed so obvious and simple, yet they weren’t doing it. It seemed like they were tired or didn’t care… Towards the end […]

To Inspire Change, Make Learning Public

I sat with a group of teachers recently who were frustrated and couldn’t see how the projects and examples that we were looking at would work in their classrooms. No matter how much we talked about possibilities and brainstormed ideas, they weren’t resonating.  Seeing examples of other teachers‘ projects and all the “perfect” products that […]

What might be preventing students from learning in school?

At the San Diego Equity Symposium, I got to hear Liz Murray tell her story about growing up homeless to graduating from Harvard. Through her incredible life story, she highlighted that the experience of an individual isn’t black and white. She shared many struggles but also the love she had for her family. It is […]

Unlock Agency

I was with some experienced principals recently and we were talking about professional learning that actually shifts practice. I shared examples of action research, looking at student work, peer observations and coaching that I have experienced in my own professional career and have seen time and time again the impact these experiences have on both […]

Is Checking Devices at the Door Really the Solution?

I was in a meeting recently with executives from a large corporation.  As we discussed the intersections between learning in K-12 schools, universities and the corporate world, it was noted that everyone brings a mobile device to work and throughout the day use multiple devices to work, learn and communicate.  The same is true for […]