Being Valued vs Feeling Valued #IMMOOC

How can such passionate and hard-working people fail to make the impact they desire? How often are our intentions and desires misunderstood by those we serve? How is it that such well-intentioned people still miss the mark? In the IMMOOC live episode with Dwight Carter, a thoughtful and visionary leader, he shared how received some challenging […]

Developing Academic Mindsets that Foster Growth, Development, and Innovation

Why do some students willingly engage in academic tasks? What makes learners persist in challenging tasks?  What compels learners to want to learn more and improve?  These questions are top of mind for researchers and practitioners alike and together we continue the quest to support all learners to see their value and the promise of […]

Unlock Agency

I was with some experienced principals recently and we were talking about professional learning that actually shifts practice. I shared examples of action research, looking at student work, peer observations and coaching that I have experienced in my own professional career and have seen time and time again the impact these experiences have on both […]

5 Characteristics of a Culture that Values Growth and Development

I’ll never forget getting a call from 2 team members after they had led an all day workshop. I had barely answered the phone and they were telling me everything that they perceived “went wrong” and how disappointed they were with different aspects of the day. I listened and commiserated (because I have definitely had […]

What’s Holding You Back? #IMMOOC

“The secret killer of innovation is shame. You can’t measure it, but it’s there. Every time someone holds back on a new idea, fails to give their manager much needed feedback, and is afraid to speak up in front of a client, you can be sure shame played a part.  The deep fear we all […]