10 Characteristics of Professional Learning that Inspires Learner-Centered Innovation

Students need to grapple with problems and own their learning, and the same holds true for educators. The rally cries are clear: If you want to see learner-centered practices in the classroom, we need learner-centered professional learning. Educators are looking to develop skills, particularly in areas based on their own content area, skills, and goals. […]

Professional Learning That Inspires Change

I shared this article recently, 5 Reasons Professional Development is NOT Transforming Learning.  Not surprisingly, it resonated with many people. So, if your professional development isn’t working. Try this… Cultivate a Shared Vision Creating a graduate profile with clear outcomes that the community values is a great way to anchor conversations about teaching and learning […]

3 Myths About Personalized Professional Learning

In response to why professional learning isn’t working, I hear this a lot, “Everyone is in different places.” Yup. They always have been and they always will be. Thankfully, there is an increased recognition of this truth in education along with an effort to create more purpose and autonomy in schools through personalized learning.  This […]

Personalized Learning for Students Requires Personalized Learning for Teachers

This week CTQ bloggers kicked off a two week exploration of the theme: How Do Teachers [Really] Learn? I have loved reading the blogs and the insights from such thoughtful educators. It has pushed me to reflect on what I have learned about what teachers want and the implications for designing professional learning. Recently, I […]

Training versus Learning: Changing the Paradigm of Educator Development

I always cringe when I hear the the word “training” used when describing development work with educators.  As many people would agree, training seems to be what one does to people as opposed to a process of learning, which is developing knowledge through authentic and relevant experiences. Professional development must move from something that we […]

When Is The Last Time You Observed One of Your Peers?

I had the opportunity to work with a wonderful group of teacher leaders recently. As we were sharing our beliefs about learning, reading about some examples and discussing what it could and should look like everyone was excited and you could feel the passion in the room.  Then, I asked the question that I knew would […]

5 Reasons Professional Development is NOT Transforming Learning

Have you ever left a meeting, PLC, or any other professional development session wondering what the purpose of the time together was and still unclear about what is expected of you?  Unfortunately, you are not alone.  This happens time and time again at all levels of education and then we pass on these same experiences […]

What Message Are We Really Sending About Learning and Technology?

After many technology driven initiatives and false hopes of technology as a silver bullet, there is a new mantra in education today: “It’s not about technology, it’s about the learning”. This is the message that has begun to sink in as people recognize that technology alone will not change learning for the majority of students. […]

Job-Embedded Professional Learning

As the tools, resources and goals in education are changing, the roles of teachers and leaders must too.  In an effort to do this, there has been a lot of focus on redefining professional development to better meet the needs of teachers and leaders.  I am all for this conversation and have written about it here […]