Is Innovation in Education Necessary?

Innovation as George Couros defines it in the Innovator’s Mindset is a way of thinking that creates something new and better. So why is innovation necessary in education? There is wide agreement that we need to rethink the outdated factory model of education to meet the needs of all learners in our schools. Increasing access to […]

To Improve Learning, First Seek to Understand the Learners

According to a Gallup Education poll, students that strongly agree that they “feel excited about the future” and that their school is “committed to building the strengths of each student” are 30 times more to show signs of engagement in the classroom compared to those that disagree with those statements. Ensuring students feel valued and understand their purpose for learning is […]

Caught in the Middle

I was reading a book about giraffes with my son and it sparked more questions about how they live and how their babies are born.  I didn’t have the answers so he said, “Let’s look it up!”  I grabbed my phone and we watched video after video about giraffes and their calves that helped answer […]