8 Essential Questions for Planning Personal Learning Experiences

How many times have you heard, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”? Most teachers are taught this mantra in their preparation programs and held to it over the course of their careers. It is expected (and in some districts mandated) that teachers write detailed lesson plans, gather resources, effectively sequence the learning, differentiate […]

Empowering Teachers as Designers to #GoOpen

Traditionally, curriculum has been organized in a linear path that promotes a one size fits all approach to success.  When teachers are expected to follow directives, or implement programs without taking the context and unique individuals in their room into consideration, it often creates frustration because they see their students need something else, something different, […]

5 Practices that Promote Sharing and Open Classroom Doors

It’s not uncommon to have teachers who teach next to one another for years yet have never seen each other teach.  When this happens, many assumptions about what is working and what is not working get made. This culture can not only maintain some ineffective practices but prevents great practices from spreading and impacting the […]

Embracing Open Learning

Throughout my career, teaching kids and adults in diverse districts and courses, I have lived in between higher ed and K-12.  In higher ed there is a mantra to publish or perish, and throughout grad school, I had adopted this philosophy. I thought I had to publish in traditional journals to accomplish anything. Following in the foot steps of […]