Student Engagement: Are we focused on short-term results or long-term impact?

Student engagement is paramount in education. If students aren’t engaged, they won’t invest in the content, attain mastery, and ultimately apply what they are learning, right? Just as educators are focused on engaging students, in order to boost employee engagement, there is an increased focus on making workplace fun. Many employers have added ping pong […]

Developing Academic Mindsets that Foster Growth, Development, and Innovation

Why do some students willingly engage in academic tasks? What makes learners persist in challenging tasks?  What compels learners to want to learn more and improve?  These questions are top of mind for researchers and practitioners alike and together we continue the quest to support all learners to see their value and the promise of […]

Are We Asking the Right Type of Questions?

If you haven’t seen Google’s video, Rubik’s Cube: A question, waiting to be answered, take a minute and watch it. One of my favorite lines, “…when the right person finds the right question, it can set them on a journey to change the world.” Yet, typically in schools, most of the questions that are asked have […]

Prioritizing Deeper Professional Learning

David Price, in his book Open, describes how this access has created a  “messy and at times chaotic phenomenon… It has changed how we live and learn, socially. If we fully understand and grasp its potential, we can be more fully engaged and fulfilled in our work and studies, and better able to adapt to […]

To Improve Learning, First Seek to Understand the Learners

According to a Gallup Education poll, students that strongly agree that they “feel excited about the future” and that their school is “committed to building the strengths of each student” are 30 times more to show signs of engagement in the classroom compared to those that disagree with those statements. Ensuring students feel valued and understand their purpose for learning is […]

Devices Are Only Part of the Digital Transformation

I was in a classroom recently where the teacher was calling on students to identify each of the 50 states from their book to complete a map worksheet.  I talked to one of the students who told me they were learning the states because “the teacher thought it was important to know them” and when I asked […]

5 Reasons Professional Development is NOT Transforming Learning

Have you ever left a meeting, PLC, or any other professional development session wondering what the purpose of the time together was and still unclear about what is expected of you?  Unfortunately, you are not alone.  This happens time and time again at all levels of education and then we pass on these same experiences […]

What Message Are We Really Sending About Learning and Technology?

After many technology driven initiatives and false hopes of technology as a silver bullet, there is a new mantra in education today: “It’s not about technology, it’s about the learning”. This is the message that has begun to sink in as people recognize that technology alone will not change learning for the majority of students. […]

Is Checking Devices at the Door Really the Solution?

I was in a meeting recently with executives from a large corporation.  As we discussed the intersections between learning in K-12 schools, universities and the corporate world, it was noted that everyone brings a mobile device to work and throughout the day use multiple devices to work, learn and communicate.  The same is true for […]

Job-Embedded Professional Learning

As the tools, resources and goals in education are changing, the roles of teachers and leaders must too.  In an effort to do this, there has been a lot of focus on redefining professional development to better meet the needs of teachers and leaders.  I am all for this conversation and have written about it here […]