If you want to see change, stop telling and involve others in the process

All soccer season, I sat on the sidelines cheering on my kids and I would find myself telling (ok, maybe yelling) “kick the ball!” or  “go to the ball!”  From the sidelines, it seemed so obvious and simple, yet they weren’t doing it. It seemed like they were tired or didn’t care… Towards the end […]

The Feedback Paradox

I consistently hear from educators that they want feedback and then I hear that “they” aren’t receptive to the feedback.  Both are often true. Here is an example of this feedback paradox: We recently surveyed teachers in one district and overwhelmingly found that the majority of teachers sought “critical feedback to inform their practice, not […]

Who’s Leading the Leaders?

This week I spent a great deal of time with various leaders trying to understand their roles. I was taken back by these leaders who are so passionate about their work and have a great deal of experience and expertise, yet they shared feelings of inadequacy in meeting the needs of those they serve. These leaders, […]

Training versus Learning: Changing the Paradigm of Educator Development

I always cringe when I hear the the word “training” used when describing development work with educators.  As many people would agree, training seems to be what one does to people as opposed to a process of learning, which is developing knowledge through authentic and relevant experiences. Professional development must move from something that we […]

Job-Embedded Professional Learning

As the tools, resources and goals in education are changing, the roles of teachers and leaders must too.  In an effort to do this, there has been a lot of focus on redefining professional development to better meet the needs of teachers and leaders.  I am all for this conversation and have written about it here […]

Are You Leaving New Teacher Development to Chance?

Many schools are gearing up for a new year and likely welcoming new teachers who are motivated, nervous and need a lot of support to be successful.  As novice teachers enter the profession and welcome classes of students who will count on them this year and in years to come, their development can’t be left to chance. Do you have a […]

4 Necessary Conditions for Giving and Receiving Actionable Feedback

Last week we put on two back-to-back leadership institutes while I was transitioning to be the director of our team and we were bringing on some new team members.  In addition, we were lucky to have tremendous leaders (thanks George, Rich, and Larry), who I have great respect for and who took the time to share thoughtful and valuable […]

Blogging to Learn #3questionsEDU

A less than gentle nudge this week from George Couros has pushed me to think about what I am learning, but more importantly how sharing the process is a critical step for my continued learning and growth. So, I will begin now -not tomorrow or the next day or hold off until next year even though […]